Ranger Wheel Balancer – DST-2420

The highly accurate DST-2420 Dynamic Wheel Balancer dependably ensures an accurate result within hundredths of an ounce, so you can give your clients vibration-free wheel balance every time. You keep them rolling, we keep your business rolling.

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Product Description

The new Ranger DST-2420 Dynamic Wheel Balancer is the result of over a decade of balancer technology experience and an unwavering dedication to precision, reliability and repeatability. This heavy-duty wheel balancer features a highly accurate sensor system that increases productivity and offers unprecedented speed and accuracy, especially when using sophisticated balance and weight placement techniques required for newer high-tech OEM and aftermarket wheels.

Our proven direct-axis drive system is accurate to within hundredths of an ounce and ensures wheels are balanced, vibration-free. The DST-2420 takes the guesswork out of placing the correct weight in the correct place. Exact amounts and locations are marked on the precision LED display in just 6 seconds—even when trying to hide weights behind the spokes. Then DST-2420 even automatically calculates the minimum amount of weight needed to achieve an optimal balance for the tire and wheel configuration, using less weight, saving you time and increasing your bottom line.

The DST-2420 adopts the latest 16-digit digital signal processor and single-chip technology. The single-chip circuit board architecture provides an inherent performance and reliability advantage compared to multi-chip implementations of the same functionality. In addition to overall latency reductions, the single-chip architecture significantly boosts device throughput. An extremely swift, dedicated hyper-transport protocol allows data to communicate with the micro-processor at much faster speeds. This solution offers unmatched integration of features and functionality, resulting in lower power consumption and dissipated heat. Call your nearest Ranger distributer immediately for your information on your own Ranger DST-2420 Dynamic Wheel Balancer.

Simple ergonomic design
Ranger balancers are easy to operate and durable enough to withstand the everyday abuses of a busy shop. State-of-the-art, touch-sensitive digital controls take the guesswork out of wheel parameter settings, weight placement and balancing operations. A bright, easy-to-read LED display provides a simple user interface in order to promote proper balancing techniques and faster floor- to- floor times. Large, deep storage trays provide ample space for weights, tools and accessories.

Complete accessory package
We make your job easy by providing all the accessories you need to balance virtually all wheel types and sizes. Our standard accessory package includes a 36 mm extended shaft, captive back-mount spring and pressure cup, a quick-mount speed nut, three-piece standard cone kit, weight hammer, and wheel calipers.

Designed to perform, built to last
Rugged, welded steel-body construction; heavy-duty machined alloy shaft and center cones, durable top tray, dependable electronics and an integrated microprocessor makes this one of the toughest, most durable and trouble-free balancers you will ever own. Compare the structure and internal components of a DST-2420 balancer to any other, and you’ll see the difference.

Higher accuracy and proven speed
Our proven direct-axis drive system is accurate to within hundredths of an ounce to ensure that wheels are balanced and vibration-free. From wheel mounting to data entry, spin cycle to weight placement, Ranger DST balancers offer one of the fastest floor-to-floor cycle times in the industry.

User friendly
The Ranger DST-2420 features dynamic and static settings, as well as four separate performance alloy settings with a rapid 6-secod cycle time and automatic braking. Each model features gram / ounce selection with automatic round-off, millimeter / inch selection, top-dead-center weight position, split weight capability for hiding weights, manual start / automatic start when hood is lowered and a self-calibration program.

Factory on-site service and support
Ranger products are backed by a team of over 500 domestic sales and service representatives, a worldwide network of international distributors in over 60 countries and a courteous and knowledgeable factory tech / support center to answer your questions.

Quality you can count on
Whether you’re a high-volume tire store or an independent operator offering tire and wheel service, using Ranger equipment will strengthen your business. Every Ranger tire changer and balancer incorporates the latest in technology and has passed rigorous testing to ensure quality, dependability, durability and value.

Optional truck cone kit
The optional 2-piece truck cone kit allows for large wheels with center holes ranging from 4-1/2″ to 6-1/2″. Spacer ring is included to allow for larger offset wheel styles.


  • Dynamic, static, motorcycle / ATV, and performance alloy settings
  • A multi-user save function remembers your presets to increase productivity
  • An ergonomic control board and easy-to-read LED display has vibrant visual cues and keypad to improve efficiency and proper balancing techniques for faster floor-to-floor times
  • A simultaneous retrieval of static, dynamic and ALU1 ALU2 ALU3 data identifies weight placement configurations for a variety of wheel styles and designs— all with the simple push of a button
  • Automatic rolling wheel parameter setting feature saves valuable time and minimizes errors
  • Rapid 6-second cycle time
  • Automatic braking
  • English / metric measuring system selection
  • Automatic round-off
  • Top-dead-center weight position indicator
  • Split weight indicator for hiding weights
  • Manual or automatic start when hood is lowered
  • Self-calibration function
  • A high-volume top-weight tray and ample side-shelf storage gives you room to inventory a wide variety of wheel weights and tools
  • Precision-machined, hardened steel 36-mm shaft
  • Quick-release hub nut for dramatically reduced set up times
  • Side-position brake holds wheels at precisely “12 o’clock” for proper weight placement
  • Side-cone storage pegs keep accessories readily available
  • New open-side hood design allows for a broader coverage of tire shapes and sizes
  • Inside and outside measuring
  • Manual and automatic / electronic brake capability
  • Optional 2-piece truck cone adapter set availab
  • Wheel calipers included
  • Rear cone mount spring and pressure cup
  • Accurate with in .01 oz


  • Motor: 1-1/2 Hp / 110 – 220 V / 50 – 60 Hz / 1Ph
  • Motor noise: 70 dB
  • Working temperature: 5° C – 50° C / 27° F – 82° F
  • Drive system: Belt drive
  • Cycle time: 6-9 sec (avg.)
  • Balancing Modes: motorcycle / dynamic / static / 3 alloys
  • Wheel offset distance setting: manual / rolling wheel
  • Centering cones: 3
  • Max tire diameter: 47″ / 1,194 mm
  • Max tire weight: 145 lbs. / 65 kg
  • Wheel diameter capacities: 10″ – 24″ / 254 mm – 610 mm
  • Wheel width capacities: 2″ – 16″ / 51 mm – 406 mm
  • Balancing increments: 0.25 oz or 0.01 oz
  • Average balancing speed: 280 rpm
  • Resolution in round-off mode: 0.01 oz / 1.4°
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Shipping weight: 562 lbs.

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